My name is DINNA ( that's how people usually call me)....

...and i am just an ordinary person....

who has an extraordinary beautiful Life

A fulltime housewife, enjoying my role as a mom and as an active wife (in a positive way ofcourse *_^).

Like to share my ideas to everyone (hopefully one or more of my ideas are soon becoming real projects)

Like to hear..everyone very welcome and free to share their thoughts, their feelings... etc etc well.. Eventually having a bachelor degree of Psychology somehow needs practise..
hope my suggestions to some friends are works..xixixi ..

'till now i keep my obsession to gain my Psychologist title..

and one thing for sure...

I give all my very best to keep my Faith...
walk on this earth ..with this believe i have

I am very Proud of what i am a "Muslimah"


My Interests  are :

  • Cooking , 
  • Reading , 
  • Writing , SightSeeing , 
  • Selling bags n moslem's fashions ˆ⌣ˆ✗¡✗¡✗¡ ˆ⌣ˆ 
  • Very interested in so many things
  • Eager to know "what's new" in this world, 
  • try to update my self to the "happening" things ..^_^ 

My Favourite Movies are :
♥ Children of Heaven
♥ Harry Potter Series..(Of course..*twinks*)
♥ Drama Romantic Comedy ☺
My Favourite Music
Anykinds of music, as long as nice and comfort to my sensitive ears...*_^

My Favourite Books are :
♥ HARRY POTTER Series (definitely)
♥ Books about Psychology...any topics (children,
clinical Psychology, and

Haveu U seen My Childhood ???

    • .