Chapter 2

 "The  HIJABI Yk"

Two weeks after the 2nd gathering at EveryAsia Building, we gathered (again)  to determine the Vision and Mission, to form the Community Structure or The Committee of Hijabi Yk , and to arrange the Agenda of Hijabi Yk’s activities. 
It  was held at Dila Odil’s house. At that time, we really optimize Social Network media to inform members and to promote our community.

Alhamdulillah, there were more members attended the 3rd gathering, so we get more excited and highly motivated to commit ourselves in Hijabi Yk

And we finally formatted the foundations of community which  are the community’s Motto, Aim, Vision and Mission

“Proud to be Muslimah”

As a Muslimah forum and As a  means  to Muhasabah , Silaturahmi and Fastabiqul Khairat

“Syiar and Silaturahim Muslimah”


  1. Inspires and motivates Muslim sisters, in Yogyakarta in particular, and elsewhere to look islamic with hijab.
  2. Establishing Silaturahmi among Muslimah sisters , in Yogyakarta in particular, and everywhere
  3. Together explore and understand Islam and practice the teachings of Islam in everyday life
  4. Organizing activities that is Islamic and Social

We also arrange the Schedule of Routine Event Activies of  Hijabi Yk , which is held in every Sunday morning halted at 09:00 to 12:00 (before midday / Dzuhur)

Sunday  I
"Tadarus and Understanding of Quran"

Sunday II
"Events Kemuslimahan / Keputrian"
Sharing knowledge and various tips about the world of women as well as other  knowledge (popular knowlwdge, science, etc ) , in order to improve the quality of Muslimah resources

Sunday III
By inviting Ustadz or Ustadzah, in order to increase knowledge of religion and an increase in faith of Islam

Sunday IV
"Social Activity"
Distributes Infaq funds that have been collected from the previous ghaterings to the social foundations, orphanages and others who need help

And , the Committee Structure of Hijabi Yk  was formatted, and we called this committee as :
"The FOUNDERS" of Hijabi Yk. 

  • Division of Public and Community Relations  :
           Aldila Rizqi Eistya
           Kuning Kinasih  
           Ra. Atika Diah Sitawati
           Vicky Dania

  • Division of  Events :                                                                                                            
           Dhatu Rembulan
           Riska Febriani

  • Sub Division of Event :
           Keputrian            :   Zata Yumni Shabrina
                                                Listia Kusumasari N

           Kemuslimahan  :   Melissa Nurul Fani
                                                Dina Syarif
                                                Rizki Anggarda PS

Alhamdulillah, with the permission of  Mailbox Distro-SnapCafe Management , in undetermined period of time we could use EveryAsia Building 2nd Floor, Jl. Cendrawasih No. 32 , Demangan Baru Yogyakarta, as our basecamp and we called it as "Rumah Muslimah"

After all things were fixed and setted up, we started to prepare the agenda for "Hijabi Yk Soft Launching" at Februari 27, 2011

and i will review the story at Chapter 3

Wassalammualaikuum ^_^

* be continue...