Lombok, the island that i called "HOME"

Mataram, September 21, 2011 

Alhamdulillaah...finally, we arrived at Mataram, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara at 11.00 AM (GMT + 8). The Islamic nuance and atmosphere of the town immediately felt as we entered the  arrival area, Selaparang Airport  Mataram , shortly after getting off the plane. The air of this city that is so distinctive, instantly bringing  back the memories of my childhood here.
It has been more than a year, since my last visit to this city, at the end of June 2010 in order to hold Pengajian dan Doa Bersama, in respect to "one year My Dad passed away".
And I still have this little unusual feeling, when I realized that I went home, but daddy is not there to welcome us. ( Still feel that He is here with us..or maybe it's just my sentimental emotion). 

After a brief rest, we went to papa's graveyard, to clean up and spread the flowers there. Maybe i could say that  we want to say hello and tell that his daughter, son in law and grandson came home to town,implisitly

And then we went to Senggigi, to have dinner. Seafood was the chosen menu that night, and the wellknown "Menega Cafe" ( the same restaurant at Jimbaran Bali that i've visited the night before) is the perfect choice to spent the evening, having dinner while enjoying sunset. Actually, It is the official branch of Menega Cafe in Lombok
Menega Cafe located in coastal area of Senggigi Beach, Lombok. Same as in Bali, the dinner table neatly arranged  along the shoreline, so that we can see directly the beautiful sunset scenery. The only different is that Menega Cafe at Senggigi stands alone. 
In Senggigi, the distance between one restaurant to another restaurant is far enough. So the visitors have more privacy . The exoticf sunset view  is more viscous as well as the quite and peaceful atmosphere of the beach, it's so relaxing.
I really enjoy  the situation where i could have dinner with my big family (mom,sisters, brothers, cousins, nieces, nephews, aunty ...all of them)

The Menega Cafe
The main secret recipee of this restaurant is based on the selection of cooking ingredients.The seafood ( fish, oyster, lobster etc )must be in a very fresh condition.
The fresh seafoods will  produce distinctive savory flavor to the cuisine, and most importantly : not fishy.
Other herbs and spicy ingredients as the flavor enhancer, in order to balance the taste , to create dishes with extraordinary delicacy.

Keeping the environment clean, especially the kitchen area and kitchen tools is a mandatory requirement for this restaurant
The Dazzling Seafood Menu
So, if you planning yourself to visit Mataram, Lombok...I do recommend you to try Menega Cafe seafood menus...^_^ and don't forget to reserve table at evening time, just before sunset.
The SUNSET at Senggigi Beach
The unique thing about viewing sunset at Sengigi beach, is that we can see Gunung Agung which is located at Bali Island across the sea, right next to the sunset. It's a spectacular scenery...Subhanallaah...God's Creation.
Senggigi Beach

Sunset and Agung Mountain

Beautiful scenery of Agung Mountain in sunset

with my youngest brother