Chapter 1


Hi i'm Dinna, here i would like to share "The History" of Hijabers Community Yogyakarta. Its Journey from  the very beginning of how it's established until now, these present times ( I do really hope this community will be long lasting, not just a temporary trend, and keep on faith for its noble vision and mission, Amiin Ya Rabb)


It was all started from "twitter" (thanks to this social network), when Annisa Wulandari tweeted the invitation via Jogja Update, addressed to all hijabers (muslimah who already wears hijab) in Yogyakarta to gather in a 'silaturahim' , do to share anything about hijab styles, Islam and all topics that will be interesting for woman to discuss.
And accidentally, at that "minute" (or "second" will be more exact), i was opening my timeline on twitter account ( since i'm following Jogja Update, i could read their updates, and mba Wulan's invitation was retweeted) I was interested on her tweet and directly i sent my respond to her.  

Personally, i have this idea of having a muslimah community long time before (actually it was our dream (me and my best friend Almarhumah Mimi, may she rest in peace right next to Allah, Amiin Ya Rabb). Unfortunately, since we were lived at different city due to our different college and then we got married, the dream was slowly forgotten.
That's why i was so anthusiast to Mba Wulan's invitation. Finally, i got the chance to make our dream come true, and i would not miss it.( I hope you do smile for me from up there Mimi ^_^)

And then Mba Wulan and me continue our communication and started to get to know each other by exchanging personal contact ( still via online ) and made an appointment to have a meet-up. Time and place was setted , we met at Snap Cafe . It was a fun and memorable 1rst Meet-Up between me and Mba Annisa Wulan, Rachma, Ria Setiono, Tia and Wulan Purple . We share our thoughts and idealism about "Hijab" and Subhanallah, we have the same vision. We made our appointment for the 2nd Meet-Up at Sesha place that time. We agreed to keep in touch and inform each other if there any changes to  time and place for the 2nd Meet-Up by joining a group chat in our mobile handset ( thanks to Blackberry Messenger Application ^_^) .

Surprisingly, one by one, new members joining the group chat and  we had nice conversations although via online and we totally don't know one another, but feels like we have known each other well .

And so it goes, the first plan to gather at Sesha's house was changed. We agreed to have the 2nd meet-up at EveryAsia building Jl. Cendrawasih No. 32, which is now becoming our basecamp (Sekretariat) called Rumah Muslimah, placed at 2nd floor  (the 1rst floor is The RahmaDina Boutique)

13 Februari 2011
I met Amha , Dila Odil , Tika , Vicky , Feta , Wely , Riska, and Kina for the very first time there
Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah, feels like found my missing family...sisters. Somehow i believe, they were ment to be part of my life. Allah has planned them to be here with me and together commited ourselves to develop a Muslimah Community and as a Muslimah sisterhood.

Left-Right : Vicky , Ria, Me, Dila Odil, Tia, Wely
2nd Meet-Up at Gedung EveryAsia Jl. Gejayan No. 32

There we shared the idea of  forming a social community, for all muslimah especially in Yogyakarta. And we were happy to know that one of the ukhtis who came, Feta already had a community called Hijabers Jogja at that time, with some of her friends, one of them is Dhatu . Alhamdulillah, after some sharing and discussions, we concluded the same idea of vision and mission, which are to accommodate the aspirations of Muslimah, in Yogyakarta and All Arround the World, in a form of social community based on Islam and to encourage one another to be a better Muslimah.

We commit ourself to do the "Syiar Hijab" for the sake of Islam and for the Love from Allah SubhanaWa Ta'ala.

And then we were united as HIJABI YK ,
we named our community Hijabi Yk through a short discussion and polling.

 Hijabi means My Hijab, taken form Arabic Language ; Yk is an abbreviation form Yogyakarta ( our current city / place ).

We agreed to form the community structure , at the next Meet-Up.

..... To be continue...........