Chapter 3 : Hijabi Yk Soft Launching

Alhamdulillaah...In a short amount of time, more and more members are joining in HijabiYk. We became more steady and confident to affirm the existence of this community.
And on February 27, 2011, we successfully held  "HIJABI Yk Soft Launching"

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 Copyright and legal ownership on behalf of DHATU REMBULAN"
The event held successfully. many members came to attend the event, more than we expected...ALHAMDULILLAH
The reading of the Quran and its translation by Ukhti Amha El Hassan and Ainun Nur Rahma as the opening session. Followed by introductions and socialization of HIJABI Yk, which are : the vision and mission, the activities agenda and the committee structure.
Members who attended the event was very keen to follow the proceedings.
Hijab tutorial and Beauty Demo became the most awaited part.

Deeply felt the atmosphere of togetherness and kinship among us. As if in our hearts  spoken word, HERE WE ARE....

 the muslimah sisterhood ^_^

We consistently held our routine agenda / activities every Sunday Morning from 9am-12am, once in a week, which we called Sunday Fun. But now, Sunday Fun is hold only twice in a month (as requested from all members, so they able to manage their time). Our Agenda, namely :

  • Tadarusan ( Quran Reading and comprehension)

  • Tausyiah (Islam acknowledgement)

ISLAM itu INDAH, ISLAM itu MUDAH bersama Ustadz Aa'REZA

Ustadz Aa'REZA

bersama Ustadz YUSUF MANSUR

Sentuhan Qolbu bersama Ustadz SIGIT, at TVRI Yogyakarta

  • Social Charity

  • Hijab Tutorial Share and Beauty Class

  • Share Popular Knowledge



and.. Silaturahim among sisters...*HUGS*

Amha, Me, Vicky, Kiki
Dila Odil, Ema, Melissa, Mba Wulan, Me, Amha, Kiki, Zata


*to be continue....

NEXT -->  "Hijabi Yk united with Hijabers Community and officially become HIJABERS COMMUNITY YOGYAKARTA "