Saturday Night at Ajeng's Wedding Party

Last saturday night, September 10, 2011, I went to a friend's wedding party who  is a member of HCY,  with the HCY  Family, of course ^_^.  My husband and son didn't accompany me :(,  frankly i didn't plan my self to attend the party before, because i was unhealthy for two days, i planned to send my regards to ajeng  via the HCY family instead.
But i changed my mind at the last hour, so i joined the others... and went to the party.

It was a festive and lovely wedding party at The Ballroom of Sheraton Hotel Yogyakarta. The wedding couple were look very happy. Everyone's face showed cheerful smile , and so did we. 

And of course it'll be weird if none of us bring any camera, anytime ...anywhere...photoshoots must go here we are, spent most of times with photoshoots at the party.

The Styles
I chose the common style, a Blue Handed-Painting Kain Batik mixed with a Plain Blue-Electric silk saten blouse by UNA_Cloth (i didn't have enough time to prepare my self since i decided to go at the very last hour, but those outfit the first one came to my mind ,hehehe). Somehow i always love traditional style especially kebaya, i feel more confidence, and nowadays kebaya is invented and created in more simple and easy to use  with various beautiful designs.  Let's look at another appearance  ^_^...

Kina and Dila odil in traditional woven sarong
Kina and Odil chose traditional woven-sarong, actually similar to me, it's just that i'm using Batik. Kina looked cute with her pink batwing blouse. The matching accessories with her traditional woven sarong made her appearance more beautiful and chic. Dila odil also looked stunning and charming in her classic yet fashionable. A black-gold traditional woven sarong with plain-grey blouse with a brown waistband as an accent that has similar color to her channel evening-clutch really represent her style.

Nova  looked cute with her pinky hooded dress. She modified with hijab-band and waistband that really matched her cheerful-style.  

The Happy&Lovely couple (besides the wedding couple) ^_^ "Ibnu and Amha"
Amha was wearing a green olive Blouse with blowy puff accent on the upper-arm by UNA_Cloth mixed with a light brown Hareem Pant by Shabby Chic-Ria Miranda. She looked gorgeous with flowery brooch putted at one side of her green paris hijab  with black inner. And what i love is that her purse matched with her blouse and hijab. While her husband, Ibnu, wore a long sleeve contemporer ethnic batik shirt which is usually neutral  and adjustable to any colors. Overall, They both look very harmonious and perfect together. 

Zata - Kiki - Lala
Zata always look fashionable in every occasions (I really love her style). That night  she looked very pretty with her ​​dress ( perhaps it's her own designs, Dila & Zata collections). A very elegant color combination of black and bright green. I do not know how to name her hijab style, somekinds of turban style, looks very creative and beautiful, and perfectly suites the dress.

Kiki looked very fresh with her shocking pink cotton dress by UNA_Cloth with simple and beautiful hijab style using black-knitted pashmina. She looked divine with her long lace satchel, and the very best about her is ...Kiki could always create a cheerful atmosphere anytime anywhere^_^.

Lala looked very classy  with a brown dress with sequin embellished shades of gold. She looked beautiful with her hijab style using "paris" scarf.

Ema dan Vhyra, beautiful with Caftan Dress
Ema  appeared  so lovely, graceful yet modest in her plain dusty pink spandex-caftan dress by RahmaDina. I love her paris scarf creation for hijab style. Very feminine with some simple accessories and a beautiful hand purse.
I must sayVhyra looked so stunning and beautiful that night. I really adore her look. Beautiful yellow caftan dress of chiffon and her hijab style ala arabian,  fits her all the way.

Everyone really enjoy the party. We had a great time.
but i wonder...why i always end-up with the wrong pose..??
  i looked sad in this pict ..hahaha, Dear Ajeng.. i do really really enjoy your party me...^_*
What a fun saturday-night.  I think  it was a good last-hour decision ^_^. Can't wait for another wedding party with HCY...Who's next?? *twink -twink*

My special regard to  The newly-wedd couple... "AJENG &Husband" (oops ..forgive me forgetting his name..hikss)

Thankyou very much for inviting us, it was a great pleasure to come and be part in your  beautiful wedding party
I wish u both  have a long lasting marriage,  happy ever after, Sakinah Mawaddah Warohmah. Full of love and joy. Allah SWT Bless  in every way.  Gifted with beautiful Sholeh and Sholehah children. Amiin Allaahumma Amiin