My Ramadan and Syawal

My Ramadhan and Syawal Eid Al Fitr (Idul Fitri) 1432 H , is completely different from other past years. 
This year is the most full-activities during Ramadhan and Syawal since i got married 5 years ago. But..I LOOVE RAMADHAN...always looking forward for RAMADHAN...coz it's the chance to do good things and prays as much as possible, day and night.
Looking back at my Ramadhan 4 years ago, at that time i was becoming a new mother and totally focus at my newborn baby Atha, and so did 3 years ago, my activities were only arrounds my family and my growing baby. 
My Ramadhan  and Syawal 2 years ago was little bit different than before , coz we moved to a rented house. And that was my first time having Ramadhan and Syawal completely only with my "Little Family"...what a great feelings. Preparing for Sahur and  Buka was never that fun (because in the past years we lived at our parent's house, so everything was served by the housemaids). 
Sadly, at the same time, it was also the first Ramadhan without my Dad..He passed away two months before Ramadhan. I could say that was my Sentimental Ramadhan. I was having my process to get used to the fact that My Dad is passed away, and He wont be with us at Lebaran Day...and to be honest...the process is still going on, I still can't bear the tears and sad feelings...(May Dad is rest in peace and have his bestest place, right next to Allah, Amiin Ya Rabb) especially when i hear Takbir at Malam Takbiran, a night before Lebaran day ( Eid al Fitr ).
The only difference about my Ramadhan and Syawal last year was that we moved (again) to our brand new-built house which is larger, so i need full power and stamina to clean up.hehehe..*kidding*

So what make this year is different ?

The Hijabers Community Yogyakarta .. now i have them as my second family. We got so many activities during Ramadhan, Alhamdulillah, it was fun.  Doing something usefull for others during Ramadhan gave me an undescribable feeling of happiness, and i'm very grateful for this. My husband really supports my activities  (how i really thanks him for being so understanding) and he also few times participated in some of our events.
The RahmaDina and House of Dinna. I have my concentration also devided to those name ^_^. This year i took a very big step in my life by opening the gallery for my labels of muslim fashion & clothing line. I determined my self to do my very best. Bismillah, hopefully Barokah. Amiin Ya Rabbalalamiin.  GANBATTE!!!