Behind the photoshoot..what a day!!

I could say this is one of the" REMPONG' day...June 3, 2011.  It's not that i don't like photoshoot,  i do love it. But my son totally dislikes it. I don't know why he always get very angry  whenever i do the photoshoot. .*sigh* but he'll get very happy if someone took a photo of him...haha. And trust me..once u've started to take a photo of him, it'll difficult for you to make it i love that part.

*left-right : Marlin, Kiki, Me, Amha, nova, Mba Wulan, Sesha

Luckily the session was going well that day...Atha's (my son) attentions was distracted to the chubby'lil'baby ghazy (amha's son) and cute'lil' Nara (utie's son).

Everyone looks very beautiful, Thanks to UNA_Cloth by Utie Nares ( I really loves ur designs utiiiie), and also thanks to the super touch make-up of mba Annisa Wulan. Always count on you in "painting" our face..hihihi

with kiki paramitha

with Diladol